• Playground Performance Festival, STUK, Leuven. With Evelien Cammaert
  • Playtime, De Bond, Brughes, BE – Trioshow, curated by Michel Dewilde
    Joris perdieus, Wim Wauman, Craig Havens.


  • Winternights Performance Festival, Maastricht, Nl. With Evelien Cammaert
  • Jardin Maritime II, Brussels, Be. Groupshow
  • Vitrine #… Luca School Of Arts, Brussels, Be. Curated by Michel Kolenberg
  • Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AU – Groupshow, curated by WARP, Stef Van Bellingen
  • Beursschouwburg, Brussels,BE – Art And The Future City, Groupshow/Symposium


  • Kunstverein Chemnitz, Chemnitz, De. Duo-Show with Hallveig Agustsdottir, Curated by Christiane Wittig
  • Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Be – Scenographic commission
  • WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Be – Groupshow “Coup De Ville 2016” Curated by Stef Van Bellingen

  • B32, Maastricht, NL – Soloshow “Playfield”, Curated by Joep Vossebeld

  • VONK – Groupshow “VONK, Yearly Expo” at “De Hoge Ruimte” Z33, Hasselt, Be. Curated by Stijn Maes


  • CIAP Art Centre, Hasselt, Be (Kabinet) – Soloshow “The Garden”

  • Moira, Utrecht, NL – Soloshow “Absence by appointment”

  • Kc België, Hasselt, be – Soloshow “Exercising Calmness”

  • Greylight Projects, Heerlen, NL – Soloshow “Colourstudy.02”

  • Museum D’Hondt Daenens (Villa Van Wassenhoven) – Groupshow + Auction, selected by Sarah Indeherberghe


  • Centrale For Contemporary Art – “Art Contest”, Brussels, Be – Groupshow
  • 13B Creative Platform (Now: Raam 103), Ghent, Be – Groupshow
  • KuS, Heerlen, NL – Groupshow “Landslide” Curated by Wouter Huis


  • De Bond, Brugge,Be – Groupshow “Input-Output” curated by Michel Dewilde
  • Donkervonk, Hasselt, Be – Groupshow (Self- organised)
  • De Unie Hasselt-Genk, Be – Groupshow (Self- organised)
  • Centrale For Contemporary Art, Brussels, Be – Commission “Lights on/off”
  • Centrale For Contemporary Art, Brussels, Be – Soloshow@ Centralbox
  • B-Gallery, Brussels, Be – Soloshow “Debout Poête!”
  • Greylight Projects, Heerlen, NL – Groupshow “Reality Tracks”


  • Reconverse#01 – Manifesta 9 Parallel Event, Beringen, Be – Groupshow
  • WeltEcho Gallery, Chemnitz, DE – Groupshow “4 Die Auszogen”
  • Nucleo, Ghent, Be – Groupshow “10 Years Nucleo” Curated by Alan Quireyns


  • Modo Brussels, Brussels, Be – Solo Presentation “ Friedrich would have loved this”
  • Public Space, Eisden, Be – Groupshow “In Locus Communis”
  • IPS Gallery, Ghent, Be – Soloshow “Lenscloud”


  • Monumental Art Contest (laureat) – CC Zwanenberg, H.O.D.Berg, Be – Groupshow
  • For Real – 28 Utopian Projections in public space, Z33, Hasselt&Maastricht – Groupshow, curated by Bart Vandenboom (Viewmaster)
  • Nucleo, Ghent, Be – Groupshow “Open Studios”
  • Sint-Lukas Gallerie, Brussels, Be – Groupshow “Display” Curated by Boris Debaeckere



  • Pluto Festival For Contemporary Art & Music, Opwijk, Be – Groupshow, curated by Pieter Coussement
  • Transmission, Brussels, Be – Transmedia Groupshow







  • Pukkelpop 2017, Live-Video perfornmance for Kong&Gratts, Castello.
  • “No Large Predators Are Around” An Installation/Performance (in progress)
  • Scenography for Pippin (musician), a musical performance. Pippin is an electronic musician , he commissioned me to design a scenography for his live set.


  • Beursschouwburg End Event, Scenography commission for the whole building for the end-event of the cultural season,Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Be
  • Pukkelpop, Live-Video Performance for Kong&Gratts, Castello
  • Performance with Meteor Musik, B32, Maastricht, NL

  • Solo Performance “Defining Lines, Again” as a part of Coup De Ville 2016, WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Be

  • Solo Performance “In Lijn/Defining Lines”, Z33 (Vonk Yearly Show), Hasselt, Be
  • “A Colourfull Sketch in Black And White Space”, Scenography , Casino, Genk, Be


  • EAT WOOD (retake) with Evelien Cammaert, Campo, Ghent, Be.
  • Performance with Meteor Musik, Kc België, Hasselt, Be

  • Performance with MASDA, Ciap, Hasselt, Be


  • EAT WOOD, 45min. performance with Evelien Cammaert, Toneelacademie Maastricht, NL

  • The Woods, by Lies Serdons (scenography commission), Theater op de Markt, Hasselt, Be



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