Joris Perdieus is a visual artist, scenographer, sounddesigner and independant PhD researcher at LUCA School Of Arts Brussels and KULeuven University.
He is a member of the INTERMEDIA  and  MEDIATED ENVIRONMENTS research groups.

Joris’ research is loacated in the field of Sensorial Scenographics and looks into matters concerning the significance of ALONENESS IN SPECTATORSHIP, in relation to immersive spatial art- and performative practices.

ALONENESS ? The state of being alone, solitude, ISOLATION

I would like to argue that there are sufficient indications that aloneness in spectatorship is imperative, and that it holds healing qualities, creates openings cognitive transformation and stimulants for personal growth, that do not appear in group-spectatorship.
Also, and maybe most importantly, solitary spectatorship can lead into multi- and micro-sensory experiences that are impossible to percieve in the presence of other people.

It is my believe that not only does the experience of such moments of hypersensoria must be considered a quality, present in every human. It is therefore something worth  searching for, possibly to be found in everyday ephemera, in nature, in architecture and in objects, materials or particles of water alike.


Joris lives & Works in Brussels, his studio is located in BAC-Art Lab, Leuven.

Joris is a founding member and Coordinator of TINY THINGS vzw, a platform for artistic research and production, mainly fascilitating the work of Evelien Cammaert and Joris Perdieus. TINY THINGS vzw also hosts the temporary and dynamic artistic Collective/Thinktank Ephemeral Focus. A group of likeminded artists in a changeable costellation. Current members include Karl Van Welden, Nick Steur, Lola Daels, Evelien Cammaert, Kevin Trappeniers and Joris Perdieus.

Joris Perdieus  is supported by C-TAKT and KULeuvenCultuur.

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  • Ongoing – Independent Researcher/  PhD in the Arts – LUCA/KULeuven
  •  2009. M.A. Advanced Master in Audio-Visual Arts Transmedia/Arts+Design+Media
    LUCA (Sint-Lukas University College of Arts), Brussels
  • 2006. MF.A. Master in Fine Arts/Painting
    LUCA (Sint-Lukas University College of Arts), Brussels

Honors, Awards, Scholarships and Residencies.

2023 Artist In Residence: A Two Dogs Company & Kris Verdonk
2021 Artist in Residence VONK Studios
2021  Artist in Residence C_TAKT
2021 Artist in Residence at BAC Art Lab, KULeuven Cultuur
2020 Artist in Residence Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin, DE / Flanders State of the Art
2020 Artist in Residence C_TAKT
2020 Artist in Residence WPZimmer, Antwerp
2020-2024 Artist in Residence BAC-Art Lab, Leuven
2019 Artist in Residence C_TAKT
2018 Artist In Residence STUK Leuven
2018 Artist In Residence Dommelhof, Neerpelt
2017 Development Scholarship, Flanders State of the Art
2017   Artist in Residence Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna
2016   Laureat Award “Centrum Jan Van Rijswijck Prijs”
2015   Artist in Residence, Greylight Projects
2014   Development Scholarship, (KB) Flanders State of the Art
2014   Finalist “ARTCONTEST”, Brussels
2013   Finalist “Input-Output” Art Contest, Brughes
2013   Finalist “Smart-Cabine” Design Contest, Ghent
2013   Selection Bnp Paribas fortis Young Artistic Talent Award 2013, Brussels
2012   Artist in Residence Greylight Projects, Heerlen
2011   Selected Artist B-Gallery, Brussels
2006   Artist in Residence – FLACC, Genk



  • Beyond The Blackbox Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL


  • Open Studios BAC Art Lab, March 2023, Leuven, Be
  • Extra City: The Image Generator. Antwerp, Be
  • C12, Scenographic Intervention, Brussels 27/05/2023


  • Playground Performance Festival
    Scenography & performance “Glowachrome Garden” for Evelien Cammaert
    November 2022, Museum M-Leuven, Leuven Be
  • Performa Performance Festival
    Into The Woods – A Sonic Psychogeography
    June 2022, C-Mine, Genk, Be
  • Kiosk Radio
    Outsiders Programme, with Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities
    May 2022, Brussels, Be
  • Beyond The Blackbox Performance Festival
    Scenography & performance “Absorbing Exposure” for Evelien Cammaert
    May 2022, Antwerpen, Be
  • Open Studios BAC Art Lab
    March 2022, Leuven, Be


  • KANAL/Centre Pompidou
    “Grammatica”, performative installation (with Evelien Cammaert)
    11, 12, 13 & 14/03/2021, Brussels, Be
  • Winternights Performance Festival, Maastricht NL
    Research presentation
  • Radioshow, Freie Radios Berlin Brandenburg, DE –
    Sonic Psychogeography (reprise)
    Aired on 16/02/2021
  • KANAL/Centre Pompidou
    “Grammatica”, performative installation with Evelien Cammaert
    06&07/03/2021, Brussels, Be
  • Vonk Studios & Z33
    Groupshow with Karl Van Welden, Nick Steur, Lola Prima Donna Daels, Evelien Cammaert, Kevin Trappeniers & Joris Perdieus.
  • Madonna’s Web – Groupshow
    Warp Art, Sint-Niklaas, Be
    Begijnhofsite Hasselt, Be
  • M-Leuven – Playground Festival 2021 – Glowachrome Garden by Evelien Cammaert – Scenographic installation
    Dates to be confirmed.


  • Kanal-Centre Pompidou – CANCELLED due to Corona
    “Grammatica” performance/installation with Evelien Cammaert
    08 & 09/10/2020, Brussels, BE
  • M-Leuven – Playground Festival 2020 – Glowachrome Garden by Evelien Cammaert – Scenography – CANCELLED due to Corona
    19/11 – 22/11/2020
  • Groupshow with Karl Van Welden, Nick Steur, Lola Daels, Evelien Cammaert, Kevin Trappeniers & Joris Perdieus, Begijnhofsite Hasselt/VONK – CANCELLED due to Corona
  • Working Title Festival, Kaaitheater-Studios – CANCELLED due to Corona
    Scenography for “Slide” (working title) by Evelien Cammaert
  • Radioshow, Freie Radios Berlin Brandenburg, DE – Sonic Psychogeography – Aired on 18/08/2020
  • UQBAR & Kronenboden, Berlin, DE – “The Healing Room”- Soloshow + Talk by Alice De Mont + Talk By Joris Perdieus
  • ABA Berlin, DE – Screening “Under The Tongue”, Haus Der Statistik
  • UQBAR, Berlin, DE – Talk Joris Perdieus – 09/08/2020


  • Winternights 2019 Performance Festival, scenography for Evelien Cammaert
  • C5 Brussels, Duo-show with Arnaud Eubelen
    Brussels Gallery Weekend / September 2019, Brussels, BE
  • BEYOND THE BLACK BOX Performance Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
    04-10/02/2019, Amsterdam, NL
  • Scenography “Komt Op, Gaat Af” /Nico Boon
    Premiere on 24/01/2019 CC Berchem, Antwerp, BE
  • Scenography “Slide” (working title) by Evelien Cammaert
    Winternights performance festival, Maastricht, NL
  • Scenography NFAQ, Liesbet Hermans


  • Playground Performance Festival, M-Leuven
    15-18/11/2018, Leuven, BE
  • C-Takt Festival, C-Mine Genk
    17-24/09/2018, Genk, BE
  • Playtime 2, De Bond, Brughes, BE – Trioshow, curated by Michel Dewilde
    Joris perdieus, Wim Wauman, Craig Havens.
    13/04/2018 – 06/06/2018
  • Scenography “The Missing” / Lies Serdons
    Premiere on 08/12/2018, De Nieuwe Zaal, Hasselt, BE
  • Open Studios, KISPAS Artist Studios Brussels
    01/05/2018, Brussels, BE


  • “Grammatica” at Winternights Performance Festival, Maastricht, NL
  • Vitrine #… Luca School Of Arts, Brussels, Be. Solo Presentation Curated by Michel Kolenberg
  • Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AU – Groupshow, curated by Stef Van Bellingen
  • Beursschouwburg, Brussels,BE – Art And The Future City, Groupshow/Symposium


  • Jardin Maritime II, Brussels, BE. Groupshow with a.o. Daan Gielis, Eleanor Duffin, Garry Loughlin, Juan Pablo Plazas, Lola Daels and Niels Vaes.
  • Live Video Performance Pukkelpop, Hasselt, BE
  • Live Video Performance Ancienne Belgique,Brussels, BE
  • Live Video Performance Beursschouwbrug, Brussels, Be


  • Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Be – Scenographic commission
  • WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Be – Groupshow “Coup De Ville 2016” Curated by Stef Van Bellingen


  • B32, Maastricht, NL – Soloshow “Playfield”, Curated by Joep Vossebeld




  • VONK – Groupshow “VONK, Yearly Expo” at “De Hoge Ruimte” Z33, Hasselt, Be. Curated by Stijn Maes


  • Live Video Performance Pukkelpop, Hasselt, BE
  • Live Video Performance Ancienne Belgique, Brussels,BE


  • CIAP Art Centre, Hasselt, Be (Kabinet) – Soloshow “The Garden”



  • Moira, Utrecht, NL – Soloshow “Absence by appointment”


  • Kc België, Hasselt, be – Soloshow “Exercising Calmness”



  • Greylight Projects, Heerlen, NL – Soloshow “Colourstudy.02”




  • Museum D’Hondt Daenens (Villa Van Wassenhoven) – Groupshow + Auction, selected by Sarah Indeherberghe



  • Centrale For Contemporary Art – “Art Contest”, Brussels, Be – Groupshow
  • 13B Creative Platform (Now: Raam 103), Ghent, Be – Groupshow
  • KuS, Heerlen, NL – Groupshow “Landslide” Curated by Wouter Huis


  • De Bond, Brugge,Be – Groupshow “Input-Output” curated by Michel Dewilde
  • Donkervonk, Hasselt, Be – Groupshow (Self- organised)
  • De Unie Hasselt-Genk, Be – Groupshow (Self- organised)
  • Centrale For Contemporary Art, Brussels, Be – Commission “Lights on/off”
  • Centrale For Contemporary Art, Brussels, Be – Soloshow@ Centralbox
  • B-Gallery, Brussels, Be – Soloshow “Debout Poête!”
  • Greylight Projects, Heerlen, NL – Groupshow “Reality Tracks”


  • Reconverse#01 – Manifesta 9 Parallel Event, Beringen, Be – Groupshow
  • WeltEcho Gallery, Chemnitz, DE – Groupshow “4 Die Auszogen”
  • Nucleo, Ghent, Be – Groupshow “10 Years Nucleo” Curated by Alan Quireyns


  • Modo Brussels, Brussels, Be – Solo Presentation “ Friedrich would have loved this”
  • Public Space, Eisden, Be – Groupshow “In Locus Communis”
  • IPS Gallery, Ghent, Be – Soloshow “Lenscloud”


  • Monumental Art Contest (laureat) – CC Zwanenberg, H.O.D.Berg, Be – Groupshow
  • For Real – 28 Utopian Projections in public space, Z33, Hasselt&Maastricht – Groupshow, curated by Bart Vandenboom (Viewmaster)
  • Nucleo, Ghent, Be – Groupshow “Open Studios”
  • Sint-Lukas Gallerie, Brussels, Be – Groupshow “Display” Curated by Boris Debaeckere



  • Pluto Festival For Contemporary Art & Music, Opwijk, Be – Groupshow, curated by Pieter Coussement
  • Transmission, Brussels, Be – Transmedia Groupshow




  • C-Takt Performance Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
    04-10/02/2019, Amsterdam, NL


  • Playground Performance Festival, M-Leuven
    15-18/11/2018, Leuven, BE
  • C-Takt Festival, C-Mine Genk
    17-24/09/2018, Genk, BE
  • Scenography “New Skin”, Hannah De Meyer/Toneelhuis
    Première 22/09/2018, Troublyen, Antwerpen, BE
  • Scenography “The Missing”, Lies Serdons/De Nieuwe Zaal/C-Mine
    Première december 2018, De Nieuwe Zaal, Hasselt, BE


  • “No Large Predators Are Around” An Installation/Performance (in progress)
  • Scenography for Pippin (musician), a musical performance. Pippin is an electronic musician , he commissioned me to design a scenography for his live set.


  • Beursschouwburg End Event, Scenography commission for the whole building for the end-event of the cultural season,Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Be
  • Performance with Meteor Musik, B32, Maastricht, NL


  • Solo Performance “Defining Lines, Again” as a part of Coup De Ville 2016, WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Be


  • Solo Performance “In Lijn/Defining Lines”, Z33 (Vonk Yearly Show), Hasselt, Be
  • “A Colourfull Sketch in Black And White Space”, Scenography , Casino, Genk, Be



  • EAT WOOD (retake) with Evelien Cammaert, Campo, Ghent, Be.
  • Performance with Meteor Musik, Kc België, Hasselt, Be


  • Performance with MASDA, Ciap, Hasselt, Be



  • EAT WOOD, 45min. performance with Evelien Cammaert, Toneelacademie Maastricht, NL


  • The Woods, by Lies Serdons (scenography commission), Theater op de Markt, Hasselt, Be






  • Live Video Performance at Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Be
  • “Mystic Garden” , an animated film. Mystic Garden is a non-narrative stop-motion sequence movie (duration 20min) in which a mystical world of symbols and geometric drawings triggers the imagination.


Password: CryptobismoJorisPerdieus2017


  • Live Video Performance, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Be
  • Live Video Performance, Recyclart, Brussels, Be
  • Live Video Performance, Pukkelpop, Be
  • Live Video Performance, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Be


  • Live Video Performance, KC België, Hasselt, Be



  • MASDA – Videoclip “Shots For Fun” (2014)


  • Ivory Gates – Videoclip “The Blank Page” (2014)



  • MASDA – Videoclip “All Things Grow In Springtime” (2012)



  • “Toy Theatre” – Animated film (Stop Motion) 45min. 2010.


  • 016, in progress)









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