My output is eclectic and multiform. A vast landscape of sets and props originating from a scenographic approach to reality based on the assumption that people instinctively alter either the space that surrounds them, or themselves. Physical and mental spatial alignment are at the basis of my practice, addressing topics like the construction of (fragile) theatricality, physical and cultural instincts for habitation, mythical identity and temporality. My work engages with inner worlds, from a permanent conflict with the realities outside ourselves. It isn’t staged in the past or for the future, but in an absolute here and now. My creative dynamic closely relates to that of a ritual, as a result many of my pieces and actions are temporary and cease to physically exist once completed. Any space, however small, can be an active space. Certainly every artwork is one, for there is always a box of tricks surrounding it, activating its viewer’s mind. This approach has led to a body of work consisting of a lot of installations, performances, drawings and objects. All of them link mental survival strategies to instinctive identity, which is constantly redrawn by approval and disapproval. My art, as well as identity, comes from conflict and the answers we construct to it.








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